Published in PLAN LIBRE #171
find the article about two current projects in the periphery of Berlin and its own pitfalls in PLAN LIBRE #171.

„Microtopia“ – the third studio FAKT semester in Dessau was an in-depth research of ten individual and very diverse plots on the edge of Berlin to explore their economical, legislative and atmospheric limitations and potentials

„Small houses of Berlin“ redrawn – in the elective of the summer semester 2017 students were redrawing relevant houses of Berlin’s young history by testing and employing different technical representations

“Law of the jungle” – ten projects from the winter semester 2016

The second studio FAKT semester at DIA Dessau „Law of the jungle“ examined ten cases of homogenous yet specific single-family neighborhoods around Berlin and the potential to transform them by inventing or transforming one rule of the Berlin / Brandenburg building code.

Final presentation studio FAKT, “law of the jungle”  /  student work for the second semester at DIA Dessau

Elective of 2nd semester at DIA dessau – students analyzed and transfered rules taken from their national background to drawings of new possible rules for of a speculative new kind of suburbia

Student work from the first semester of studio FAKT at DIA dessau . „Urban Arcadia“ looked at twelve places of extraordinary landscape around berlin and developed settlement strategies of density and diversity in coexsistence with the existing natural conditions

Elective of 1st semester at DIA dessau – various settlements of the early 20th century were researched in their current state and redrawn concerning the interaction of built and vegetation

Published in Arch+
find the article in the magazine of ARCH+ 225, released at the Venice Biennale. “Redensifying Berlin’s Backyards” on pages 158 to 163 covers text and graphics on the legislational potentials of the inner block structure of Berlin, written and developed together with Prof. Georg Augustin for the chair „Architektonisches Entwerfen“ at Uni Kassel

Guest review at TU Graz with Prof. Hans Gangoly.
FAKT regularly gets invited as guest critic. Visiting reviews so far include RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, TU Graz, Uni Kassel, DIA Dessau, Aedes Berlin, Beuth Hochschule Berlin and others.